It is essential for any organisation to carry out due diligence checks on all potential new customers prior to entering into a relationship with them. Scion can assist in obtaining current and relevant evidence from establishing links with organised crime, attempts to defraud or even just validating existing customers. 

Asset Tracing

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Whether in a divorce, fraud or other case, assets can be deliberately hidden or moved to different jurisdictions or legal entities in an attempt to conceal them. In such circumstances it is essential to act fast and to seek expert advice in tracing assets in conjunction with legal advisers. 

Due Diligence


Scion can also provide support in the following areas;

  * Litigation,

  * Forensics,

  * Surveillance, 

  * Executive protection

  * Tape Transcription / Typing

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Investigations  take  many shapes in today’s complex business environment. Challenges facing businesses often start off small, but then lead to wider spread problems which can affect the very fabric of your organisation and damage both your credibility and bottom line profits.



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